Jun 14, 2010


Talk about feeling on edge! Our yearly trip up Pikes Peak....love it up there! (14, 110 ft. elevation)

Our first try at.... FUNNEL CAKES!

This is one of the best buy! It's a pet travel hammock by Top Paw.... When we travel, it's usually in my husbands truck. I usually don't have Nugget in my car...but, now I have no choice. Her HAIR gets really overwhelming and my nice soft leather seats...

This absolutely solved it! A good test was a recent visit to my parents..rain that morning, muddy paws, etc. It totally kept the car clean and hair contained until I got home -an easy unsnap and shake off!
Amazing how small of ball she can make of herself!


Vik said...

What a nice trip, Paula! And look those cakes!
Great idea for Nugget in the car. Molly travels in her Pet Portable Home at the back seat. She keeps so silent there, that sometimes I doubt if I took her with me or if I forgot her at home...!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Nugget looks always adorable!

Beautiful photo of your trip!