Apr 6, 2010

Spring Thank You

First of all, THANK YOU very much my dear readers for the comments and hugs. Very much needed and each and every one I felt! Thank you! Do I dare say things are calming down? They are 'getting by' Dad is healing (32 staples are out)..Mom is enduring (chemo med.). We are 'going down' (180 mile trip one way) this weekend with groceries and husband will fill the wood boxes. I'm sure this will continue for the next few months. It's all just a hard thing....

During all this, I didn't notice my buds, so on April 1st my daffodils bloomed with all their joy!
I am continuing the process of going through my craft room. After two moves, I just went through the motions- just taking stuff out of boxes. So, these past few months, at my leisure, I've gone through the things I've travelled with. There is irony in what I'm doing...on all different levels.

Honestly, I have three of those cute sewing baskets that Joann sells...then project baskets...boxes...etc. Always thinking that I will have a handle on my projects if I have something cute to carry it around in. hmm? I even have some bags from Dubai and other overseas places that I saved from gifts that my DH gave through the years! Some of those overseas bags are truly hardy bags...not like those thin blue plastic bags that you get from a certain common store.
I'm trying to think of a way to separate things..half way through. Quilting tools, sewing tools, crocheting tools, knitting tools, even embroidery... I have a handle on my beading supplies and paper scrap-booking supplies...yet, I do see a difference between my 'altered book/journal' type supplies and 'stamping' supplies...yet kind of mixed in with 'scrap-booking' supplies.
OK! Enough of the Bubba Gump rendition of crafts! hehe..you get the idea!
So, what's in YOUR sewing basket??


sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Paula,
I am glad all is well with your Mom and Dad!

Beautiful seeing your daffodils bloomed and also your cute sewing baskets.
In my sewing basket I have only the basic...I am not a craft person... LOL! But my Mom was a great one!

Have a nice week ahead.

teabird said...

Paula! I hadn't seen the earlier post - hugs and lots of hand-squeezes for you and your parents!

Vik said...

Dear Paula, I´m happy to read things are getting better. I wish you a nice weekend visiting and taking the groceries.

I know exactly how it is, trying to organize the way too many supplies we have... but we like it, it´s our hobby!

Cathy said...

So sad to lose a little friend - they don't live as long as we'd love them to do.

LOL - I don't even want to go through the craft supplies. I did that a few months ago and threw my hands up!

OTOH, what a joy to have so much you have to spend days organizing.

zippiknits said...

I have my mother's sewing baskets (2) but seeing yours makes me want to get a new one for myself! It's gorgeous, yours is.

One of mothers is a plastic see through, and the other is a traditional one like yours. Mine, right now is a clear tote, for traveling with it. Not very pretty.

Jennifer said...

My sewing basket is overflowing!!! I desperately need to up-size the thing!!!!!

You know, reading your post brought the reality that it's so hard to watch your parents age. While mine are still active and doing well, I see them changing. Their skin, their perspective on life's events, etc. But I see them taking care of their parents, the way you are having to take care of yours. I can envision myself in those shoes and it must be scary to have to sometimes be the caretaker of those that took care of you. It's like a role reversal and I can imagine the emotional toll it takes. I hope your mom and dad both heal quickly and I'm sure they are so very thankful for you and L.