Apr 11, 2010

My Talented Daughter

It's almost uncalled for, it shouldn't be on the same page as the art below, but I just felt I had to post a photo of my poor doily! I have FOUR more rounds to go...I've been sitting on it for waaaaay too long! It's my goal to finish it this week.

These are two beautiful plates my daughter made in school. I don't remember if I have shared this in my blog, but she is a SENIOR this year. The days are dwindling down and, as you can imagine, Mom is getting very reflective about the whole thing. She is so talented and creative...there's so much I could say and to think there is only 34 more days of school..it's downright scary for me!!!! I don't want it to end. I mean, job-wise, I can't wait for Summer Break, but that only means.... our lives are going to be going through some transitions.
I suppose I could say it's an artifact from 100 BC or something, but the sad fact is her wonderful work of ART was damaged in the kiln by another piece that had exploded!

It's STILL absolutely GORGEOUS!!!


  1. She is talented! Well, she is like her Mom! I like your doily very much.

  2. Just what the world needs, artists! She is on her way! Congratulations to your sweet girl!

    Those things happen in the kilns. The wind gets going sometimes,too, in an improperly cleaned kiln and makes a mess in the glaze. That's a shame it happened. Air inside the piece that blew up expanded. beastly!

  3. Wow! Your daughter is really a talented girl! Congratulations to your lovely artist!

  4. Holy smokes!!! That art is amazing!!!!!!! Bravo N!!!!!!!!!!!


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