Feb 21, 2010

One Blustery Day

This is what I love. I'm trying to finish my Louis L'Amour The Warrior's Path. Granted, I'm nursing it! The skies are grey and the ground is lightly covered with snow. It's trying to snow, but looks more like falling dandruff! I come to a part in the book with the main character, Kin Ring Sachett paddling to the mouth of the Rappahannack near Kent Point. Now I've read many places in his books, but this time I thought I should look some of them up! Low and behold, there is definitely a Kent Point! Now, I'm not surprised that his places are not fictional, but it's always leads me to other things!

From that site I learned there were two SHIPS named USS Kent Island the AG-78 and AKS-26...these were part of 2,751 Liberty ships built during WWII...they made that many ships within a four years at 18 different ship yards in our country!! I was reading it to my DH and somehow, we've missed that part in our naval history!

This type of stuff is exciting to me ....that I can look up one little place from a fictional book and it opens up other interesting topics to study!!

This is an example of a perfect day to me! It doesn't take much....perhaps that is why it takes so long for me to finish things. My mind is always getting sidetracked with what others may find as useless information, but as my DH will be departing to a ship that is still being made this summer...this becomes a little ironic.


Marlene said...

My husband sometimes expresses disapproval over the time I spend on the Internet, but I use it much like other people use newspapers, television and novels. It's my hobby journals, news, correspondence, and entertainment all rolled into one convenient format. He does appreciate the wealth of releveant or sometimes trivial knowledge I can hunt down when something grabs my interest. You just never know where your link clicking may take you.

Vik said...

I agree with you: A perfect day!