Jan 26, 2010


Altocumulus mackerel clouds this morning- almost? No, actually I think they are cirrocumulus. My final thought looking at this website.... Altocumulus stratisformis !! (both photos are the same sky- from SW to N)

THIS is my first finished object of 2010 in my daughter's bowl! It was a birthday gift for a special friend! (will show them later)
You are probably thinking why did I label this post 'Warmth'??? Well, that is my goal for today- to stay warm! My early morning adventures can be very cold, but, hey, we were at a whopping 11 degrees this morning! Yes, while everyone is snuggling in their bed warmth...sipping their coffee...wiggling their toes in their fuzzy slippers.... I was warming up a cold, full of glass, icebox! After the pre-inspection (outside oil/transmission/power steering fluids, lights, hit tires, inside emergency window/hatch checks, air brake tests....etc. etc.) you tend to sit with your gloved hands in your pockets waiting.... of course, waiting for the air pressure to build, but seeing your breath INSIDE, heaters on, but nothing but cold air blowing......the actual air doesn't warm up until 5 miles down the road.... I think most people tend to think you just turn it on and go- or turn the bus on and go inside the bus barn for coffee.
OH, where was I? As I'm back home...I changed into my sweats and my monkey slippers...it's still 27 degrees, but I'm going to enjoy my heater and fire!
*a side note: this isn't bad...it's bad when it's 8 below and the wind is howling at a gentle 40 mph. and there is frost on the inside of the windows even after the morning trips!
Everyone have a great day!!!


  1. I saw the pebbly clouds myself this morning.

  2. Hi Paula, hopefully could see some clouds over here, summer is frightfully hot.

  3. I love the gift!!!!You did such beautiful work, you always do.It made my day bright openign the gift, the colors are so me:)Thank You again!!Love your special friend:)


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