Jan 24, 2010

Dickens and L'Amour

Rarely do you see these names together! However, these are my favorites! One might ask...'why?' Lately, I've been thinking of that. I'm reading Hard Times and The Warrior's Path. I try to alternate which one I read...ponder...work on a couple of different crafts...ponder...and then I'm back to the books. I'm not a read-a-book-in-a-weekend type person...

Now, one may think- stuffy, hard read, classic Victorian times...and for the other one- dirt trails, shoot-outs, simple read Western. I think otherwise!

By some he was considered eccentric for he wished only to live quietly here beyond the reach of too many voices and to walk along his hill, down by the sea, or to read his many books. A good life, I told myself, a very good life -Kin Sackett (thoughts of Rev. Blaxton of The Warrior's Path)
Louis L'Amour loves to insert his thoughts into his characters I think. This book is the 2nd book of The Sackett series, although, it really isn't necessary to read in order. I want to suggest this book to my brother...I should know this, but I don't think he's read one. LL is a dynamic author and part of himself is expressed in every book I've read.

To this Observatory, then: a stern room, with a deadly-statistical clock in it, which measured every second with a beat like a rap upon a coffin-lid...-as Louisa came to talk to her father, Mr. Gradgrind about making a choice to marry Mr. Bounderby in Hard Times.
OK, now let me explain where I'm reading this- It's approx. 2:40pm parked along a park in my bus because I have a 20 min. layover before picking up my elementary school. Dickens is a hoot for me to read! I'm sitting in one of the bus seat rather than my drivers seat. It's a change of scenery and position...usually I laugh out loud at things like this and then re- read out loud! I know this reaction may be completely different from everyone else, but who else names their characters as Dickens does? Merrylegs, Mr. McChokeumchild... I mean really! ...of course, I am about to pick up the rowdy, over-energized afternoon elementary school students!

Lastly, I have to share this creative look into a awesome personal journal from Japan!


Anonymous said...

I am not a bookworm but your introduction of those book makes me think I would like to read them both.
I also visited that personal journal and the indigo colors and design are so familiar to me as my grandmother had some of "kimonos" with those colors.
Thank you for sharing good site.

Regina said...

You paint such a great picture of yourself in the bus with your book. Can't say that I'm a fan of Dickens, but I have enjoyed a few LL stories. I tend toward mysteries.
Thanks for sharing the Japanese journal link. Fascinating!

Shelley said...

Hi PJ!

With regard to your question about how to get the responses to comments, over on the right sidebar of my knitting blog (and my other ones too I think) is a "Subscribe To" section. You can subscribe to posts and/or all comments. I think you just click on that and choose how you want to subscribe (like with bloglines or google) to it. I have never tried that myself, so I don't know how it works. You could give it a try and see if you get the responses to comments that way...

Shelley @ Confirm The Work of Our Hands and Kitten Knits Yarn