Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas All

A much needed blog break, but I felt strongly about updating today!
Sometimes you have to work through feelings, find out more information, etc. My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, had an intensive operation (not fully out though), and levels of K needing to be brought up in order to be able to start the chemo pills in Jan. what can we say? It's been hard news and recovery has been hard for her.

December brought us (my family) that nasty stomach virus that hits hard and takes about a week to feel normal.
I decided to put ALL the decorations that my children ever made me over their school years since this is my daughters senior year!

Once our Christmas break began I had a much needed surgery- Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (I'll link so to spare the details of this last resort surgery over off and on painful years of other treatment). Recovery was a little harder than I thought, but today is a first semi normal day! So, I'm getting things done! I thought 2-3 days-I'd be fine, but it's more like 6 days. Just doesn't make good dinner table conversation!!! ...but amazing how consuming it's been through the years. I look forward to a new relief in 2010!

Speaking of table- this is how I decorated mine! I will say- I will probably be eating on the couch...we'll see! ;)

....and, of course, what would Christmas be without some baking!

I haven't forgotten about you all and I won't stay a stranger...just needed some time. I truly wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and healthy, safe, and hopeful New Year!

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