Oct 25, 2009

Fall Finish

There has been a break at Golden Oasis.....
I caught a chest cold during this two week 'Fall Break' that our school district gets....but more importantly- a health issue with my mother that I really don't want to talk about right here or right now. Just send prayers and give me time. urg...of course, my formatting is acting up with my downloaded pictures- not in the mood to correct, so bare with me.

So, I dulled my mind with projects and conquering the clutter.
My desk!

I've been enjoying the 'Fall' around my house- inside and out.

My corner at the base of the stairs.

A 1000 piece Puzzle that IS complete and glued now...after I frame it, it will be a gift for my parents.

The beautiful fall leaves blowing around..of course, my one of three Blue Spruce stay blue ;) (view from my bedroom window)

A view across the road. This is the last week of color as the trees are already almost bare!
I love this little corner (of course, you see my little happy frog reading!) I'm thinking of my next project- it will be a square doily (same color) for my gnome that is holding his books!

I finally have labeled my craft room! (excuse the popcorn, but come on' it's soooooo 80's!)

...and finally, last but not least-
the GREEN AFGHAN is complete! Let me say that work again.... COMPLETE! ah...one more time..... complete
Also, Happy Halloween from my little crochet amigurumi. He's a baby monster that just raided his favorite candy (thus one still in his hair)
He even has a label that states 'scary' to help remind us that he's suppose to be scary! Of course, he is a little afraid and has to hold his little monster tightly!

So, some things are complete! I can only complete the things I can control right now. Some things are not complete right now. Is anything really complete?
...perhaps they are not meant to be... like journeys


Elaine said...

I love your amigurumi, and am glad that you are getting stuff done. I know that feeling about wanting to control some things when other things are out of control.

Apple said...

Prayers and hugs! Love the afghan.

Deana said...

I think all the fall around your house looks great! Very festive. Very cool to finish a puzzle like that.

zippiknits said...

Wow, you are taking a big break. I hope that things have resolved them self to the positive side, dear friend.

Your house looks so beautiful. Take care. Wishing you health and rest from worries...

Donna said...

Hi PJ,
I wanted to send you an e-mail. Yahoo ate my address book a few months ago. How are you guys?
I think of you often.