Jul 25, 2009

'W'ocks, Weeding, & Watering

What makes Golden Oasis? This might look like one of those lawns that you spend hours on manicuring, wasting gallons and gallons of water, mowing it too much, etc. Quite the opposite- we use at the being and end of the season a bone-meal type fertilizer with much lower nitrogen than the high powered stuff that, as far as I'm concerned, is bad for your lawn! (I won't name any names, but it's all the stuff advertised and sold at the local stores)...Anyway, we put it down right as it begins to grow in Spring and at the end of the summer. We did have it plugged (can't think of the proper term)by someone I know at the bus barn. He did it for about 40 min. because the ground was so hard (not these fly by night do in 10 min. making 1/2" plugs and you pay only $30), we only water twice a week because our water district is on restrictions..(thankfully this year it was sometimes zero- due to rain ) the watering was the same last year as well and we only mow once every 7 days at the highest level (leaving the clippings). Any less height and any more than twice-a-week watering (even with less rain) makes very weak and needy lawns. ..oh, and no weed kill! That's it-these are our secrets.

I finally placed all my rocks the way I wanted them on the south end. Did you know 45 minutes of gardening is 364 calories? I really have touched every rock in the past three summers! Now I do get weeds within the rocks! Pulling them up really is the best defense! Please excuse the gas container...my son left it going to do one of his 'clients'..he's done very well this year making about 80 a week!...and yes, he does ours (not for money, but for the privelege to have gas in his lawn mower!!!)

This year I added some red rocks from southern Colorado as mountain-like outcroppings ;)
I need to look up the names of the evergreen I have...
Nugget always accents the place with her relaxing nature..enjoying some shade while I work.

Another rock placed just right. (next to my Alberta Spruce and my garden friend!)

Some knitting actually does get accomplished at Golden Oasis!!!

One of my new stepping stones of my own design-completed!

Robert's Vest is COMPLETE! He came alive with his little vest!

I wanted to catch this moment in our family at Golden Oasis!
So, the moral of the story?
Things do get done at Golden Oasis- it's just a matter of creative moments!


  1. Love the handprint stone!

  2. Very impressed by the neatness of your garden and the greeness of your lawn.
    Just wanted to let you know that I have now stopped blogging at Willow House but I hope that you'll find the time to visit me at Murder and Mayhem?

  3. Hi Paula, beautiful stepping stone, I wish to make some for my garden, but I don't know at what point.

  4. Your garden is lovely. And the stepping stones an inspiration to do something with all these rocks we have collected. lol

    Lovely flower photos, and Nugget too! Jazzie used to love to smell the flowers. all the flowers, even the ones that came in the door in bouquets. Thanks for sharing your garden.

  5. What a lush green lawn you have there at the Golden Oasis. Love those stepping stones...what a fun project!

  6. oh! I just had to tell you.. look at all the tiny images in your irridescent glass drops. Isn't that cute? hehehe so cute!

  7. You have such a neat garden! But what I'm really impressed with is your stepping stones! What a wonderful way to capture family memories...


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