Jul 21, 2009


As Summer is winding down for us (I've bid, practised, and am ready for my new route of the year! starts- August 4th! shhhh...I don't want the days to go any faster!)
I can't get enough of my blooms this year!
A surprise behind the rocks!
I have the very same elementary route that I had last year (either I'm crazy...because of all the issues with a few children and their parents!... or just the fact that I know what to expect and THEY know what to expect will be great. I won't say the word 'easy', but the after- hour thinking that goes on in my mind is basically out of it!
I don't have a middle school because I have my daughters high school that is a very long route with 11 stops! Here is the kicker in my favor. HS is usually pretty good and in the area I'm driving it's only getting the rest of the Junior and Senior kids...because the others in that area go to the new high school (the one I drove for last year) soooo..... I foresee a pretty easy year! The compromise? check in at work is 5:35am- a wee bit earlier.

SO! I shall continue to enjoy my blooms, with my feet up, as long as I can!
...and LOOK at who gave me a special visit!!!


  1. Aug 4th!? 5:35 - ouch! I don't even have to leave home that early.

    I hope both routes go smoothly.

    Love all of your blooms!

  2. Gorgeous flowers! And your visit is lovely!


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