Jul 10, 2009

Things People Take for Granted

A commute (business or pleasure) can look different for all. One snowy post I shared my commute. The typical suburbia -pull out of your garage in your own vehicle and drive to work. A little secret- until this trip I had never ridden in a subway or bus! Kind of ironic isn't it? ...the fact I DRIVE one!
Truly, we have about 50 CLOUD pictures! I never can get enough of them! Let's be honest, looking out of a window of a plane, you can't help but this it is simply amazing this thing got into the air! To the lay person- this photo below may show a simple celebration of making it there.But the truth is in my pure grimace...So, flying into America's busiest airport and catching a BUS (again...first time riding such a thing) with our bags and stormy skies. The cheap bus ($6.10 to Washington DC) and boy, was it worth it ($72 by cab).....bus lanes, past the evening traffic, etc. One kicker though- it ends at a metro stop in the middle of the city! Of course, along the way I couldn't help scream out-"There's the PENTAGON!!" the size of it was not what I suspected-huge building! Now, our hotel was the Navy Lodge in Bethesda!!!! With lightning all around us.....two GREEN HORNS lost...you can visualize it...big bags, tourist looking, while the rest of the city raced by in there black overcoats with black umbrellas. (prepared working people!) Simply put - Mom had to step it up and find our way! (remember, I never have ridden such a thing...except the monorail at Disney World and the trolley in San Diego!!!) I was so thankful it was underground at this point- I just wanted to get out of the weather! Then there was turnstiles (hmm, cattle gates came to mind)...that don't move unless you have a ticket! Again, remember I don't even know where I'm going to GET a ticket at the little ATM like ticket place! That night there were THREE angels with us! A man out of the Metro booth came out and up to us and asked us where we were heading! He told us to buy just a one way today as that will be cheaper and in the future days a unlimited one as that would be best. I think we were like SIMS with those little bubbles over our heads and he read it clearly. Then, he even bought it (pushing the appropriate buttons) for us...all I had to do was put in my card! THANK YOU Mr. METRO guy!OK, now this is RUSH HOUR- getting on these 'trains' those doors close regardless- not like an elevator door. My daughter was on with her bag and here I was with the suitcase stuck between the doors. Again, so ANGEL of a gentleman yanked hard at the door 'I don't want you two separated' (here is a undercover pic taken the next day...at (9:30am...nobody on)sorry, Mr.sunglasses guy, I don't have your permission to post this.... Then, we get off at a stop too soon and stood staring at the metro map and where exactly we were going. Another young ANGEL just stood there looking at us as she could feel we needed to ask somebody something. People getting off the train was gone we were standing there alone. Although, very broken English she did tell us the next stop was the one we wanted, but hadn't heard of the Navy Lodge. (unless you were military you wouldn't) She was patient and kind. That's all we needed! THANK YOU MS. KINDNESS! This was Washington D.C. I was utterly surprised at the rush hour train packed and you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet. No one talks. Also, I noticed that although the speed of getting on an escalator or train is very quick and everyone is rushing and the AMOUNT of people...no one bumps into you. So, off at the right stop, up this dark tunnel on an escalator...I mean, LONG....from the darkness we emerge into rain and lightening still. I call the hotel and the front desk person was so kind, but the way she made it sound, "Oh, we are just around the corner" OK, so we walk in rain, no umbrella (I figured, if we had had one we would probably have gotten struck by lightening anyway!) we walk to the Bethesda Medical Center Base Gate Guard. Regardless, of whether it's FL, CA, CO, or MD...whipping out our Uniform Service ID card...I feel AT HOME. Poor gate guard in the rain, but they had their gear on and I'm sure they chuckled at the sight of us! You know the 'right around the corner'....well, it was a quarter mile. Needless, to say we looked like wet rats (no offence, Romeo & Remy)!!!! We get settled in our beautiful comfortable room and decide to order out. We have no car, we have no idea where we are and I was not about to walk to McDonald's on base! Simply enough- order Pizza Hut pasta! er, will be there in......45 min to an hour! WHAT????? Ok, this suburbia person is used to the car out of the garage to my mega plazas - I'm like, '...an hour??'I could drive to Denver in that time frame... Ah, hell (beep), I've lived on raisins and lemon tea (which was in those bottles).....so at 9pm we had the best pasta I've ever tasted!!!!! Took a shower and I don't remember even getting into bed!
A side note: getting into one of them for the first time and feeling the speed, yet smoothness of the train I couldn't help not to have fearful thoughts of these trains in tunnels. I know- safer than cars. So sad to hear that two of them crashed soon after we came home.... That was the line going to Arlington (which we did ride one day)
My FINISHED crocheted dishcloths for my kitchen!! (one of my Monthly UFOs)


  1. What an adventure. I'll bet that warm pasta was just perfect after being so hungry and soaked from the rain. Nice to hear there are some helpful folks around.

  2. Hi Paula... nevertheless, it was a nice experience.
    If one live outside the big cities, we took a little longer to adapt to everyday life.

  3. Indeed a great adventure, city life is a bit fast isn't it.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures, and the Angels, too! That mac and cheese looked very good to me. And the pictures of the Capitol are beauty shots, Ma'am. *salutes* They are grand!

    welcome back, too.


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