Jul 14, 2009


My daughter couldn't believe I did this, but LOOOOOK what was behind her!!!!!! (kind of jealous they have the new ones) ...it's as if it greeted me that morning! ok, ok...

Ok, perspective is the word of the day- in more ways than one! You really don't know how big these things are until you are there! Do you know what single event stopped construction on it and can you spot where that was? Again, perspective...you know those annoying road construction sites that never seem to get completed? Can you imagine for a moment it took 36 years to complete this?
The photos don't show how muggy and hot it was that day!

I had N going as we walked up to it....that she could not touch it- she saw the guard walking around it and really believed what I was saying...as the guard went around I told her to run up to it really quick.... of course, mother was bending over laughing at that moment ;)

size. significance. quiet memorial atmosphere.

then right outside the front...

Shall we walk in the reflection ....all of us

There were moments like this on the trip for my daughter and I- where you know what you have learned...so two dimensional...you know what you feel- what you believe, but to get that much closer

.. how many of us have really watched the full 17 min. version? I urge you to do so (linked in the 'reflection' word above)...after being there and seeing the different camera perspectives...wow... I'm lacking the right words right now.....

Then there was the White House!
Here is a different look at the inside of our House! A House without an animal is...too quiet! Of course, we can't forget about BO!
I've learned a lot in the search for interesting links to share with you, so finally I share this interactive one! Oh, I can't leave without sharing about the White House BEES in the garden!

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zippiknits said...

There's just something about that White House that catches the eye. It's really a pretty building.

Glad dd got to touch the marble on the monument. It's something to giggle about for a long time. Reminds me of that irresistible urge to touch wet paint under the wet paint sign. hehe