Mar 12, 2009


Bare with me...I was trying to capture the light in a moment.
The light was playful as I drove around this morning- between 6am and 9am. I think I've mentioned this before- how this mountain is a living thing for me. I relish in what Katherine Lee Bates saw. (America the Beautiful based on this peak) There is snow in the forecast (p.m.)today. You wouldn't think so looking at this picture. However, the sub-alpine level is darker than usual because it's dark above me! Ohhhh, it's just speaks to my soul the play of light right now. Only the top of the ridges are lit with sun. The cloud at the top of the picture continues on behind me in a dark grey thick manner!

psst ...another peak into my private sketch book-
This is a frequent sight pertaining to how I feel about the wind at work. The second page is what was on the bed at the time I drew this (hence, the sketch of the very book I was sketching in!) ..and the little Popsicle stick house? Well, that was from last year, a confident 6th grade boy was proud of his 'house' and a 'friend' smashed it on the way home on the bus. The boy did everything to hold tears back while getting off ....... so did I. It's one of those moments I bet he will remember forever and even tell his own children.. I felt a tad responsible..after all, I am the captain of my ship. :( ...sure he could have made another, but that's not the point now is it!


Lilli said...

Beautiful photo. Light is so important, isn't it. We've got sun and cold right now.

I'm enjoying your sketchbook. I've been doing some journaling the past few days. Never could get into it in the past, but I'm enjoying it now

Happy Thursday, Captain!

Deana said...

How cool that you've shown us the peak that was the muse for the song! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

anything you can draw , you can carve in wood !hmmm.....?