Mar 11, 2009

Everything has a Purpose

WELCOME HOME- my son's new Cambell's Dwarf hamster...SPUNKY! He is estimated to be born around Feb. 17th. He's gotten over the testing out the fingers with his really was never biting ..more like nibble- to see what we were! After handling every day and offering food by hand, he is falling comfortably into a nice schedule and enjoying he wheel nightly. At first, he didn't like his ball and would just sit in it perfectly still..not knowing what to do in it. Fun to see the 'firsts' for this little guy!

WELCOME MY FIRST BUD OF THE YEAR! 'I'm a little shy right now, but I'm going to be beautiful very soon!'
I love that cotton yarn! I have pretty much every color.... if that 'bag tax' ever gets passed in CO...I will have a personal protest and crochet netted bags! Oh, there will be a crochet movement...enjoy those cotton sales and get your stash ready!


Jeanne said...

Hi PJ ~ It was good to hear from you. Thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog. I have been so far behind on blog-hopping that I feel SO "out-of-it!" Have to get back into some sort of routine. Love your "private" sketchbook - it looks great. I like working in my journal in the evenings while listening to TV. It is still freezing cold here but we have some snowdrop buds peeking their head out of the soil, so there's hope that spring will be coming....eventually!
Take care,

Cathy said...

Miss seeing "the PEAK" every day.

Wind and the mountains... and spring flowers. Lovely!