Dec 20, 2008

Naked Nests

After those cookies.... Let's go on a Winter Walk!

Make sure you have your scarf, boots, and hat on!

A morning with snow clouds coming in over the mountains... I love that Stratocumulus opacus look! (please cloud I have the correct term?)

...SO I chose a very cold day to hunt for my obsession!

Lately, driving through all my different neighborhoods I had a thought of all the NAKED NESTS out there this time of year!

So, I decided to bundle up and take Nugget for a walk and see how many I could find in my own neighborhood!
She is always a willing character! I do think it's odd that our fire hydrants are blue and white! (?) Perhaps I will ask why when we deliver Christmas goodies to our local fire house on Monday!

I enjoyed the contrast of the branches and the sky.

Nugget began looking up as well!!!

Don't you just love the ice on her whiskers?

ahhh, the maze of branches filling my scene...

People passing by probably thought I was absolutely loony for taking pictures up into winter trees in the middle of a storm! Why do I feel subconscious at times taking pictures?

My 'sun' was filling up with snow!
Happy Winter...until those naked nests see visitors next spring!


sonia a. mascaro said...

Wow! Love so much your winter's photos!

And Nugget....Ah! So adorable! I would like to give to her a BIG HUG!

I wish to you and to your lovely family a Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the walk:) I enjoyed every minute. Nugget looked so cute. Gandalf has enjoyed his romps in the snow, yet the only you can see if him is his eyes, nose and smile, the rest of him disapears in the snow! L-Tracy

Lilli said...

Nugget looks so pleased to be in a winter wonderland :)

Lilli said...

Look at that snow falling! It looks great :)

María Elena said...

Hi Paula, I love to see the winter landscape, but not I be exposed to low temperatures. Here, we have temperatures of 30ºC, now, it unpleasant at the time of shopping. I wish you a Merry Christmas with your family.