Oct 13, 2008


This day in history is very important to us!
(these pictures were taken when we were stationed in San Diego, CA) A ball of fire going into the Pacific!
... also, happy birthday to Hedge Hog!
...been out picking cherries!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Is that the ocean????? Ahh I haven't seen that for a while. Yum salty air. That would have been nice after practice today.

CUTE HEDGHOG!!! I want one. :P

Love, Ziggy (daughter of she-blog lady)

carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Navy and Happy Birthday Hedgehog!

sonia a. mascaro said...

A Very Happy Birthday to Navy and to Hedgehog too!

I could not reach the link because I have been much pc's troubles... Sorry...

Did I told you that your new template is very beautiful?

kayla said...

lol i love the hedgehog so cute :) btw i posted back to ur comment u left on my blog would have responded sooner but i forgot my password lol i do that a lot :P.

Laume said...

Well, that's cool. My son and his family are stationed at Coronado. His wife's birthday is 10/13 too. I'll have to let her know about the shared date.

Laume said...

LOL - I got to laugh at myself. When I told my DIL about the shared birthday thing she said "10/13 isn't MY birthday, it's your husband's" - Oops. Well, I was close. It was SOMEONE in the family.

Thanks for the comment on my VERY windy election post.