Oct 5, 2008

Cody the Russ bear

Thursday P.M.- "Bus 9 to Base", base-"Go ahead, Bus 9", "There is a large box in the middle of the road going west on Dublin that may be a hazard"

I laughed to myself, 'good I'll aim for it' (of course, I would not think of hitting it!!!! Just that this driver verbalizes everything in the book...as if our 'Professional Bus Drivers' do not look ahead when we are driving and some magical power will correct this before a bus comes by.

We load up at the high school and continue on our way...going West on Dublin. Someone had already creamed the box before our 7 buses came that way. How sad...there were Easter baskets, gloves, wrapping paper, and other miscellaneous objects everywhere. -change lanes- and go around.

Friday P.M.- I noticed many items were taken off the road, but pulling out with my high school crew...I noticed a stuffed animal flatten in the middle of the second lane. I, of course, say out loud, "Ohhhh, I think there was a Christmas bear there!" A girl behind me jokingly said, "Oh, Ms. Paula, turn around and we will get out and get it!" both of us knew we couldn't do that.
Saturday P.M.-My son had a clean-up project to do representing his school after a city held football game at the very same high school field I go to twice a day. So, I thought when we go home I will look for it. I turned the corner..nothing it appeared (of course, harder to see from my car than my bus), but there was ONE thing left.... flattened in the middle of the road-CHRISTMAS BEAR! There were no cars, I stopped, let my son jump out, & pick up the poor bear. Cody the Russ bear! Machine washable! After a terrorizing three days on the concrete... CODY HAS A NEW HOME!!!!

I believe this organization would be very proud of us!


Anonymous said...

oh how awful for the bear to go throught that, but wonderful how he got a new home:) (kind of like the courderoy story from when the kids were little) Love the different look to the blog. have a great day.

Anonymous said...

sorry the above was from me ......I can never remeber my password or get signed in.UGH!! Talk to you later...Tracy

Deana said...

I am glad you rescued the bear. He didn't deserve to be on the side of a road like that!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Cody must be so lucky to find a new loving owner!! He looks so happy now (lol)

carolyn said...

What a lovely story I'm so glad the bear was saved.

Lilli said...

How Cute :) Will Bear be getting an appropriate name? Smush-Face? BusBear?

I assume you've seen this video by now?