Sep 30, 2008


Things to do during the down 778 pts. and the up 270 pts. so far :

(this to shall pass)

1. Everyone still needs to get to school

2. Fill our tanks up with gas. (thank God I don't have to shell out for my bus- not bank card slits there!)

3. Football practise

4. Marching band practise

5.Go to craft store to look for EYES for my hedge hog amigurumi

6. Everyone still needs to get home from school

7. turn off media

....maybe this is what happen to the stock market......MARTIANS are Snowbirds!

I don't know...I just needed a little time for silliness!


Say It In Color said...

You know, I'm new to this blogging....and I love that you can share and I can share, and we just share about our lives....shouldn't that make a country a better place?!....I think so....I loved reading your blog, your sound like a wonderful and real person...My best wishes and blessings to you....thanks! sherry

Stephanie said...

Love that photo! I don't meet too many Coloradoans out here in hey!

Sharon said...

Hi PJ, just stopping in to check up on your world. Love all your pictures below.
Thanks for coming to see me too.