Aug 20, 2008

The Wheels on the bus go 'round & 'round...

The philosophy of a bus load:
You know other bus driver already are giving out referrals like candy for this, that, and the other- I don't.... it's like crying wolf, after awhile they don't listen, but when I do it's huge and they know what I hit hard on..... and rudeness to each other is one of them! My karma on my bus has to be good...then they seem to positively react like that in turn. Whether they can eat or chew gum or whatever small thing I could make a huge deal about really isn't a issue with me.... I kind of 'keep it real' - if you eat gum- don't choke on it and keep it in your mouth -duh! (this is with the older ones that is- Elementary is totally diff!)
...and lastly, I never take anything personally (I think this is where some drivers have a difficult time) and I really don't nor do I act emotionally about any thing, so in turn they (the kids) know nothing really daunts me so in turn they don't do anything major. I really believe this cuts down on a lot of stuff!!!
For instance, yesterday PM someone on the middle school bus took their magazine order catalog/booklet (I could have bet money something like this would know the ones that don't care to sell any thing) anyway, they took many pages out and balled them up and left them on the floor. oh, well. I can think of worse things. (spilled can pop, pretzels walked on so it's a million pieces, etc) I didn't say anything yesterday. But then this morning as we are at the school waiting for the time to off load...I took that opportunity- stood up...took some of the trash out of the trash can held it up and said, "We have a paper culprit on board around seat 15-19...."OK guys, that is rude to just take papers out ball them up and throw them off the floor being the windows are open and I was about to hit 'Marksheffel' (a fast hwy.) the wind would have taken it all out, now that's one way to clean the bus (they laugh), but not my in the future...don't do that and if you do have trash- here is the trash can!" I heard some guys in the back to their friend...'yeah, -so&so- throw the trash in the trash can!' ;) Ah, helpful peer pressure!
I know the sunflower seeds will start in a few months....and I'll be handing a small broom/dustpan to them to clean it up. Last year it only took once!

-Or I could be handing out referrals...for their parents to sign. (for what? 'now Johnny, don't throw things on the floor..')* In my book that doesn't solve my problem...again, I keep it real! No emotions...because with teamwork at the end of our day they arrived safely to their destination!

Unfortunately, I'm seeing a fellow driver having some frustration and nit-picking with some of the kids I drove last year....they come up to my window asking me 'whhhhhhy can't you drive our bus....we missssss you.....' I give them high fives and tell them I can't possibly drive two buses at a time!!!!! "YES YOU CAN!" I question their perceptions of my super-power!

* footnote- obviously, if I'm not getting through to someone than I make some calls...


zippiknits said...

Whyyyyyyyy can't a ride your bus?

When I get on the admittedly Non school buses here, sometimes I'll get some very unhappy driver not keeping it real, and they are driving paying adults around.

I loved your post. *From one who has been a bus aid in the past and has ridden a lot of school buses in those years.*

zippiknits said...

Forgot to say, those are beautiful photos of the peacock! Wonderful and thanks for the beauty. :)

Deana said...

Remember PJ we can do anything we set our minds why not drive 2? Well at least you know you're great at your job!

I love the pretty peacock.

Susan said...

You go, grrl! I love the way you have taken control of a school bus full of kids. . . I don't think I could do that. And the peacock is lovely, lovely, lovely!