May 12, 2008

Work Bench

Thank you for all the well wishes I was telling Z, the picture of the jelly heart was an accident of my daughters doing. Last week she said she was 'just plopping the jelly on' and looked down and there it was...glad she thought to take a pic of it ;)
Here are some of my weekend projects:

Awful shadow pic, but I'm changing some shelves to black!
Because of the intense dryness and weather changes in CO, I thought I should spray varnish my whimsical findings. (they are drying in the sun) I should have bought gloss and not satin though....
Last but not least...I'm finally enjoying the heavenly SOY yarn. Take a guess at what this might be? I was saying that it is like 'crocheting butter' then, of course, my sassy kids were puzzled, 'Have you ever crocheted butter?'

Oh, one proud Mom Moment: We were in the store buying...what else? YARN. I had put 4 skeins in the cart and was about to take off and my daughter suddenly stops, "Oh, we need to make sure the dye lot numbers are the same!!!!" AHHHHHH, I think only crafters would understand what an 'AHHH' moment that was. There is hope for the world! HA!

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Lilli said...

Looks like you're enjoying taking on some new projects. Spring does that to you, doesn't it.

I've never heard of Soy yarn, let alone touched it. I'll be on the lookout for it now, though!

Happy Crafting :)