May 20, 2008

Oh, Where? Oh, Where?

...has the month of May gone???

Any guesses to what the above is?
This is the only thing I'm working on, for my last week of driving for the year is now!
This morning I opening the door to my first middle school bus stop, where about 25 little darlings await, and I was greeted by an angry woman: "Hello (not even sure she even said that) I've been having problem with the district all year (first time I've ever heard of this problem since taking over the route in Oct.)...these kids are throwing MY rocks...these are MY rocks!"
Me: "I can understand your frustration, unfortunately it's a hard thing for me to catch I haven't seen any rocks in the street"
Hostile Rock Woman: "THAT'S because I made them pick up every rock! Those are MY rocks!"
Now after hearing her say that three times while she is blocking my door as well as blocking my students from loading. I thought it wise not to ask her to come around to my window and let the poor little rock throwing children onto the bus. I showed the most professional self (short of asking her if she has named each rock) "You can most certainly call this number and ask for student management!" I suppose I should have told her sorry for her inconvenience and that we will certainly put a stop to this problem, but she grabbed that piece of paper and I think she said 'thank you' and whipped around and left.
I did indeed hear about the call when I got back to the bus barn and needless to say we are having a SPY out in the field to catch these little rock culprits. SPIES I tell 'ya!!!! We will catch these little evil children yet!!
OK, you can tell there is only TWO and 1/2 days left. Aside from aliens having already sucked their little brains out ....there really isn't any major problems. {oh...except the!}
I still might cry the last day driving back on Friday pm..... it really has been an awesome experience... luckily no working cameras on my bus they might really wonder about me! ;} Today a student gave me the most delicious chocolate frosted cupcake....(listen, it doesn't take much) and one gave me a painting of herself..... ahhhhhh..... also, it was very cute one at one of my schools, they brought home their "Flat Stanley's" They were about three feet tall and laminated with a picture of their own faces with a story they had written! Before we pulled out of the school lot, I made the announcement over my PA, "Ok, before we go, make sure you show your Flat Stanley how to sit safely!" They all did :)
yes, there will be tears...I just know it....


Vik said...

Is it a Snowman?

carolyn said...


Cathy said...

I sure wish my son had you as a bus driver - he would have loved you.

Cry away. I bet some of the tykes will miss you too.

Apple said...

Happy Last Day! My last day will be a little sad as my route is changing next year so for about a third of them it will be my last trip with them. However we are still weeks away from the end and they are driving me a bit crazy! I hope I don't have any rock ladies between now and then ;-)