May 22, 2008

Tying Lose Ends

I finally bought a bird bath that doesn't leak like my old plastic one, and this one shouldn't leak for 100 years! (concrete)

Isn't it something!? ...a child's careful, yet haphazard thought process. That insight provided us with the idea of how overly involved our adult minds are and if we just take a moment...

Oh, it spoke volumes to me! (bus number and #'s of letters- I certainly never put two and two together!)

I really am considering doing an art piece (in my altered book or on canvas) concerning all this! My creative juices are flowing and I have to capture them before the days go by!

I feel in love with this bench and have to find just the right place for it!

I received something in the mail from one of my blog friends!!! I love the stamps. What's inside is ABSOLUTELY great! (I will share soon!) Good guess on the 'snowman', Vik! Who has the most luckiest dog in the world...and just a cutie! My husband doesn't even know what 'it' is...he thought a 'bowling pin'. This weekend my crochet project shall be completed!


  • Perception- rarely are others the same as yours-you really do have to be careful
  • The people in the BACK of the bus usually can't hear you, really!
  • Most kids want to 'do good' for you if given respect
  • Kids really do lose brain cells at times...
  • Some drivers really can't see big yellow 40 ft. school buses
  • 'Older' people watering lawns or people jogging like waving at buses
  • When lights see me coming -they turn green* *I wish..ha!

Stay tuned for more as we finish this fab year!

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