May 23, 2008

It's Over Now

You know when you love a song? A song where the words really don't mean the meaning YOU want them to mean, but you love it anyway?
Here is mine! How 'bout a round of applause? It was certainly a show, but it's over now. ....for now. I did it! I mean, you really don't know. Please forgive my self indulgence....From accounting to driving a 40 ft bus delivering 120 kids before 8:50 to three schools...every single day...from start to finish. From the their first day of school being MY first day until now....(little did they know that!) I SIMPLY AMAZED MYSELF!! From thumping tires at 19 below, from watching approx. 35 people fly through my stop sign, to having a fight in the back of the bus, to watching new comers come and go (and I was still there), from calling children's parents to find out Dad is in Iraq-mom trying to hold strong...realizing I can be stronger for her with her child, from hearing one of my middle school boy's father leaving for Iraq two days before Thanksgiving...and still not back...., from turning around a troubled bus into a controlled chaos where people felt good getting on because they knew they were safe with me leading the pack, to actually talking to these kids upfront when they said their past bus drivers would never talk to them, to experiencing other type people at the bus barn that I would never otherwise experience in my everyday life (learning and growing privately), being out in the elements-heat, wind (lots of it), dirt, rain, hail, & snow, from having a reckless driver hit their mirror on the corner of my bus and what is required after such an's a bittersweet day!
This above pencil/pen collection was from after spring break alone! (no, Knitting Doctor you may not have one!! scroll down in her post to see what I'm talking about ;)
My thoughts and prayers go out to my close friend who has lost her furry baby last night....we all know how that is soooo hard!
Lastly, I'm worried about C -that awful tornado was in her area yesterday and I haven't heard from her...
Finally, my own kids.... they are 7/11 now! (grade years)


Jeanne said...

It's been a year already?....Well, a school year that is. Driving a school bus and being responsible for so many young people is no easy task that's for sure. Kudos to you!

Lilli said...

Now it's time to get lots of rest, recharge those batteries, soak up some sun :)


Deana said...

You really did a great job starting something new and sticking to it. Yeah for you! And I am very sorry about your friend who lost their furry loved one.

I knew you'd have a nice Memorial Day tribute up too!