Aug 3, 2007

My Offical Do Nothing Day!

I am declaring that today be DO NOTHING DAY! I've been on the go, taking care of details, waiting on painters and plumbers, attend appointments...etc. etc. all in effort to do everything before school starts. I'm done.
Last month was simply a scramble- taking my calendar everywhere, fitting it all in.
I'm done.
Today- if I wash my face, brush my teeth, and bake cookies I've done too much!!!!
of course....we all know mom's life- there is a load of laundry washing right now, tonight a bowling birthday party to attend, and I have to show off my bus to the new kiddos at one of my elementary school's Back to School night. lets be real!!!!!

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  1. Everyone should have a "do nothing" day now and then! It's especially delicious if you have to play hooky from work/school to do it.


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