Jul 11, 2007

Birthday Fun!

Our wonderful beautiful Niece who has just graduated from high school (and is heading to Macon State after leaving here!!)...arrived at DIA! (Yes, this is the child of my husband late sister when he was out at sea last November and had to be helo'ed off his ship...if you recall-just click on Nov 06 archives and you will get right to that post) My son turned 11! He and his best bud (and his brother) went bowling...had a park party and the girls flew kites.

Next morning after the boys camped in the living room? (as our Niece has the back guest room)

I think it's cute that his Bear was still present ;)

Finally, our visiting foxes, but now I know why...a trash can they are interested in is on the street across :( ...not good.

..they really are beautiful creatures I caught around the middle school's property! Love their tails!


Lilli said...

I used to love this story..."The fox went out on a stormy night. He prayed to the moon to give him light, for he'd many miles to go that night, until he reached the town-o..." But I don't recall seeing any pix of foxes, until now.

Looks like you're all enjoying some great family time!

Mirre said...

Happy birthday to your son!

Sonia said...

First of all, a Very Happy Birthday to your son!

Love the foxes photos! It's just great to have so beautiful animals around your garden!

Kat Duck said...

Hello from Texas!

Happy Birthday to Terrance!

Love the photos!


Jeanne said...

PJ, those foxes are really on the prowl. We have coyotes around here. Personally I prefer the foxes!

vanessa said...

happy birthday to your son!
congrats to your niece!

those smiles are priceless :-)

Ganymede said...

Hi PJ! Happy Birthday to your big boy. Billy will be 13 in December. I'm not ready for my youngest to grow up.

Your little girl is getting so tall too. I love the kite picture. I'm so sorry for your niece but her mother would surely be very proud of her. I'm so happy you and your family could share time together.

Thanks to you, Morgan wants a fox.