Jun 1, 2007

I don't know what to name this post....perhaps- 'Silenced', 'Sad Find', 'Silent Morning'.....or maybe 'Bird Killer'!!!!
The last few days were when my five baby birds were finding their wings..as I reported in my last post, this was the baby bird startled by me...so young, the thought of being out of the nest for a day, the frailty of it all, the careful preparation of the nest, maintaining the eggs, gathering food for endless trips back to the nest. Gracious chirping filled my window for the last couple of weeks warming my heart...renewed hope in the world... three of them left promptly, two remained back..someone has to be last from the nest, right? Well, my 'retriever', my 'oh, so beautiful golden fur', my 'dog that is suppose to have that soft mouth for bringing back birds without any ruffled feathers'......my BIRD KILLER....came in this morning with not one, but TWO baby birds dead in her mouth!!!!!!! Oh, yes, the look on her face, "Ma, I was just bringing back food for the pack"
Noooo, there was blood on the bird! Two of my babies...fragile life ended in the jaws of some well-fed tame WOLF in golden fur!!!!!!!

On a brighter note...here is the first picture of one of the rose bushes.
Meanwhile.....I'm giving the silent treatment to the bird killer!


  1. Oh dear. Sorry about the birds. The roses are beautiful, though! They look just like the ones we had growing around our front door in North Carolina years ago.

  2. Our little one already came home with a death kitten a few weeks ago, and she's only little over 3 months now. I don't know if she took it herself or if it was her mom. It's sad, but in our case not that much (we are plagues by wild cats that are ill and misgrown, so the kitten wouldn't have grown very old anyway).

    The sad side to having a dog. Add 4 cats in my case and well, you can imagine.

    I hope the other 3 are having a nice time.


  3. Oh no. Dori has caught baby finches and sparrows too. She's only 8 lbs so we haven't had any tragedies. But you just never know, do you?

  4. Oh! poor little birds!

    But I can understand Nugget, that is her instinct! She can't avoid it... And she looks so guilty to me in this photo!

    Beautiful rose, Paula!

  5. Sorry to hear about the finches. Don't be too hard on Nugget though. She's just doing what comes natural.

  6. Oh no, poor little birds!

  7. Well they do call them REtrievers. The birds probably died of fright, so at least it was quick.

    Oh and those are great throws in your next post!

  8. I was enjoying your baby bird pics and then as awful as it was I couldn't help but chuckle at Nugget. It is terrible but I swear mine would do the same thing. Bad dog Nugget!

    Your roses look so pretty and the throws for the kids are terrific. I bet they enjoy having such a talented mother.


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