May 30, 2007

Empty 'Nest'er....well, someday.

This is a perfect 90th post entry for my Blogger account. I went around to the side of the house to check my roses and when I passed through my gated garden prep area look what I found! Well, joy...error when downloading pictures urg. Anyway, it was one of the House Finch's- he was startled as I was when I saw him. I took another picture of the nest and I believe there are only 2-3 left. Makes me think. My daughter's birthday was today...she turned 15! Just amazes me. I just had her! Her brother and I made her a great cake and this time she enjoyed her gifts this morning with Daddy still home in the morning as he was to work late today. Actually, that was a great enjoy her gifts all day instead of waiting all the way to evening. Juicy pictures to follow! Birds, roses, & cake....exactly what life should be about! :+)


  1. Happy belated BD to N. Looking forward to the photos. 90 posts already? I am soooo glad you are blogging!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter and congrats on your 90th (post that is)

  3. happy belated birthday to your daughter!!!!!
    i know the feeling ;-)


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