Apr 23, 2007

Morning Art & Nesting

I made a page this morning in my little scrap book while we had breakfast before the kids left for school. Remember that little scrap-book I was making for the first few days of my husbands 6 month cruise? Well, to be able to slip this page in was pure joy!Sorry, for those of you who like blue, but I just couldn't take it.
I'd rather have the color 'Almond Oil'! I still want to change lights & knobs, but the hard part is done!
This morning while reading my blogs I was watching a House Finch add to an existing nest. I tried to get a picture of the birds with it's beak very full, but I just couldn't catch it! I'm trying to get through my head cold here, so I'm going back to knitting....you know, knitting...you don't need to breathe! I'm knitting a washcloth for my husband. My energy level for my own nesting just isn't here today, so I'll be watching my finch!


Sue said...

The "Almond Oil" looks much better with the tub tile and woodwork!

Elaine said...

I love the Almond Oil colored paint. I can take blue as a sky color, but don't want to see it as a wall color. Too chilly!

Sonia said...

Beautiful your scrapbook's page!
Love the color of the bathroom, it is much beautiful than blue!