Mar 26, 2007

The Ever Changing Show

Yesterday AM
the view that only last 5 min. around 7am (earlier this week)
and below is a pic of yesterdays as well ..which is to the left of the main peak. I sat on my porch this evening and watched the clouds cover the mountain. The quietness-the birds-the ever changing look that the mountain 'gives'. Now, it sounds like I'm a newbie to this, but I grew-up in Colorado since moving here in '76 with my folks, I laugh at the feelings I have, as if I've never seen this. Here's the's MINE. Having something through your folks is one thing, but to come full circle in many ways....making your own claim on something you've dreamed of. Oh, it gets me emotional.

I know I suprised a few blog friend saying my hubby was gone once more, but this is only for a 5 week school for his job. I suppose in Navy terms...5 weeks somewhere in the United States is just...well, not too alarming. To know he's on US soil and coming back here and not having to move...well, that just -makes me cry.

I have so many of my projects in my mind, and I've made some solid improvement on the Project Box! (another term for REMOVING THEM!) It's getting close to when I will take some handiwork to my porch, a perfect cup of coffee, and my quick-sew table cloth for my round table and forever watch the Ever Changing Show my view has to offer!
You will be right there when I do!


Cathy said...

When I visit my folks - in "Sprawlado" Springs and I miss seeing the PEAK every day. So you will make me happy!

Sonia said...

What a beautiful view, Paula! Just amazing! I am glad that you are so glad! A big hug to you!

Rebekah said...

5 weeks to you guys is like overnight for us! What a gorgeous view.

Jeanne said...

You are very kind! The board book is coming along slowly. Did a few
more pages yesterday, but haven't posted the photos yet. It is gloomy and rainy here today. Enjoyed your photos of the beautiful view you have. Those pink mountains are exquisite!

Lorette said...

It's good to see you settling in! I can't even imagine how relieved you are to have that man of yours stateside. I know you've talked about how all the separations are just what military people "do", but still. It must be an immense relief having him out of harm's way.

Mirre said...

The view is stunning... you're so lucky!

Thanks for your thoughts on my blog-move... I do think it's going to be Typepad ;))

Loretta said...

When we lived in California, my husband would call me on the way to work if he could "see the mountains". When he did so, we dropped everything, put the baby in the stroller and ran down the street to the corner to have "our" view of the Sierras. Just magical! Thanks!

jennhx said...

Yay for the mountains! Aren't they something? I wonder if there is anything like we have here in the Puget Sound area - we say "Are the mountains out?" Meaning, are they visible, because often clouds obscure them. When they are "out" it is magnificent. Cascades to the east, Olympics to the west, and that great GIANT Mt. Rainier to the south. Ooh. Yeah.

It looks like your mountains are a bit closer than ours though, so maybe they don't hide as much as ours?

So glad to hear you are settling in. Hope the kids do well in their new school!

carolyn said...

Great pictures, must be wonderful to come "home".

Deana said...

I didn't know your husband was going to be gone for so long anymore. I thought it was time for you guys!

Beautiful pictures.