Jan 5, 2007

Long Reflections

As the new-ness of the year wears off, time to reflect a bit. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading and catching up with blog friends! Reading your goals written in imaginative ways -past and present. I will get back to my winter saga at another point in time, afterall, this Christmas was definitely one to remember and with more wonderful pictures in store for you.

I've been thinking of our fresh year like everyone else. I'm not a 'resolution' type women trying to change something per se, but a goal or process/living/learning process.... I see it in circles. That may not make any sense, but perhaps it's a karma type thing...start and an end, live and learn, endure and outcome. This is not to say I don't have some things to change- just that isn't the way I think about it!

First, lets start with my blog. I was feeling 'boxed' in with my other template, although I loved the colors- so a new look here. I went in and took a hard look at set up stuff. I've dropped the 'word verification'-not that I mind, but I'm getting frustrated doing that in other blogs (sometimes I have to do it 2-3 times!), so I thought I'd spare you the hassle here! Thinking of my readers- half are Bloggers/half are Typepad. I am going to politely ask, if you would be willing to, not post anonymously (hard to respond to your comments easily that way). Go to Blogger just set up a free account with nothing in your personal areas except email (which you can be kept private). Then, next time you go to your favorite Blogger people, all the info will automatically fill in. Now that I dropped the word verification...all you have to do is comment and then hit 'publish'. Then once I get your comment in my mail I can just hit 'reply'. So, let's hope computer spammer stay away! Either way I respect your wishes.

I feel I have really grown with in my Golden Oasis! I feel I have also come out of my shell, so to speak. I was thinking about this last night...I mainly read, except for 3-4 (you know who you are), knitting/crochet blogs, yet one cannot label mine as such. I continue to be o.k. with this! I'm into variety...I feel no pressure to highlight any one thing! I feel I've graduated from blog elementary school with the thought, 'I hope you like my blog-will you be my reader?' to 'I've met a lot of great friends and we even enjoy our emails back and forth - with the wish of one day meeting you and if you like my blog-wonderful!' It's a nice feeling.

The reflective photo was taken at the SD Zoo yesterday! It was an overcast, cool day...lots of movement in the animals- I'll share pictures in the next coming days, but this photo just captured my feelings exactly.

As the 'About Me' updated statement says: creativity & simplicity...those are the goals of 2007. There are many upcoming changes-as many of you know and have supported and shared in the excitement with me!! It's amazing, but clarity seems to be there when I think about it all. Ok, the list. The list that is under this umbrella of C&S:

  • Continue to lose weight in the manner I am. Moderation and resisting temptations spiced with various outdoor activity. For the record I actually lost weight these past two months. (around 5-6 lbs) So onward with this. Simplicity will help with extremes.
  • Walk Nugget a little more than I have in the past few months! Her heart needs it, too!
  • Finish & list projects (no new ones)...by listing I mean list what is complete. Looking back last year I did a little more than I thought. This thought has come from YOU GUYS! Thanks!
  • Continue to read (as I did a good job last year) and list them.
  • Continue to cherish the spirit of my house and family.
  • Do my cleaning once a week (Monday) -I use to do this and went to feeling that was overboard, so I did it whenever, but I've found I like the 'routine/complete/done feeling' that I used have with this is better and actually less of a chore.
  • Finally, last but not least.... after three year of absense from my once loved craft...pick up my quilting! I feel Colorado will definately replenish my spirit for this!


Lilli said...

I don't really do resolutions either. For me, I notice my life going through phases. The last phase I was in for several months was me not wanting any kind of change, feeling fairly stubborn. Now I'm finding myself with extra energy and willing to try new things. Yay :)

Sue said...

Welcome back! That sounded like quite a harrowing trip you had. Glad it turned out OK in the end.

About the comments- Do you actually get an email address to respond to? When they email comments to me, all I get is "noreply-comment@blogger.com" as the sending address, no matter whether they are members of Blogger or not. Wondering if you found a way around this...

Charleen said...

Happy New Year! The photo is beautiful and fits so well with your post.

Sonia said...

Hi Paula, I received your e-mail and I will answer it soon. Now I am leaving a comment to see what's happens, ok? So long!

Sonia said...

Me again. Love your new template! Gorgeous! Love also the larger font, it's very comfortable to read!

vanessa said...

i found your 6 pounds ;-)

it's funny, there are some blogs i read for the fiber content, and others i read because i like the blogger's personality.

Deana said...

Great post, great photo! And you are right about not like the name verification, I do it, but I like the ones better that don't require it.

You have a good list of goals and you are so doing your weight loss the RIGHT way! Very proud of you!

Lisa said...

I love you photos, especially the little village under the tree. How I would have loved that as a child. I'm still a sucker for miniatures and little houses. Great posting. I wish you luck in all your plans for the new year!