Jan 6, 2007

Little Gray Birds

...So, the next day of a much needed rest and breakfast in Alamosa, CO. When we woke up it was still snowing! Now writing that seems so 2 dimensional, but although I grew up in this stuff...being in Florida for 8 years and going on 3 years in San Diego...and what seemed like hours ago I had green grass and that CA sun ...To wake up to flurries is like waking up on another planet! Anyway, make a long story short, my son was getting over a cold...wouldn't you know it? My daughter and I were hit hard with a bad cold the day we got to my parents...no smelling, no tasting, nothing...just cold drink tea and sit in a chair and vegg...what a way to come to their house! Sadly, they both caught it also by the 6th day and then the day we left they were full blown themselves. What a christmas present we shared :( ok, enough of the negative experiences.

It was beautiful-the house, the snow, and especially the image I caught Christmas morning when I woke up! (click #1) It just can't get prettier than THAT!!!!!! Look closely and you will see snow blowing off the distance peak which is one of the Spanish Peaks. (I'm sure Cathy knows where this is!)

With the 2nd picture I wanted to capture those little buildings under the tree. A very vintage decoration...I think about 60 years old (yes, brother?). When I was little I would pretend who lived in the homes and would do Christmas visiting..would even incorporate Matchboxes (cars). I always loved the little gingerbread ornaments, too. I can easily sit for an hour and just stare at my parents tree and let my mind wander.

The 3rd picture was the quilt I made for a housewarming gift when my parents had moved in. Resembles #1, yes? Mixed hand applique and machine quilting. It was nice that my mom even spruced it up for Christmas.

Before I forget- the gray birds! Ever since I've returned, I've enjoyed these tiny grey birds in my backyard ever morning eating insects. Took a couple of days of research to narrow it down because come to find out they are immature which markings are very different from the adult. The 'basic western' photo at the right on the site really resembles my little friends.


Deana said...

I love all my little birds so much I am glad you have some you are enjoying too!

I can only imagine how beautiful Colorado was for Christmas. All your photographs just pull me right in. But I am so sorry about the colds. Yuck, what terrible timing!

Jennifer said...

Yay for warblers! Yay for a splendid Christmas morning view.... that is lovely. We had rain, rain, rain... Oh well!

I like your new blog look, especially the sweet welcome coffee cup!! I've been thinking of updating my look too but need to sit down and figure out the technical side of it...

Have a wonderful 2007. Looking forward to reading more and seeing more lovely photos.

Rebekah said...

Good deciphering on the birds!

Sometimes it's really difficult, so many look alike. We have several variety of sparrows, and I love figuring out which is which.

Loved reading your goals in your previous post. IT's so nice through goals to get to know one another a bit better.

vanessa said...

snow :-)

carolyn said...

Hi gret pictures and those little grey birds are adorable, well done for identifying them.

dkmca2003 said...

Beautiful pictures PJ! I'm so glad you guys are home safe and sound.

Sonia said...

Beautiful photos, Paula!

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