Dec 8, 2006

Warning: book frenzy below

Once more my bookaholic ways have come to surface. All are clickable if you are interested to see my treasures. Let's just say the high was good!

#1. Anne's Attic delivery last night from the clearance magazine. Can you believe 5 books for $18?

#2. Last weekends local once a month book sale...just click to see the prices. Not all books are shown...DD had a couple and about 4 are saved for my parents. Price tag on this one? $8.00 Yes, that is eight dollar buckaroos!

#3. Then yesterday, a trip to Borders with a 30% off coupon and a little birthday money to get one book and a gift. Hmm...somehow that didn't work. I'm not sharing the price on this because this is the highest one and the one I cringe a little because I just KNOW I could have gotten it ALL for 30-40% cheaper at Amazon. Just not the same.

Notice the 'Cat Who' book...see, I got the companion from the library sale for .25cents-never read one so what the hey? So, when I saw one of those books at Borders on sale for $ just meant to be. Ok, call it justifying.

...but I'm enjoying the sorting, the feeling, the smelling, the stacking. I'm sure all you book lovers out there know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I will be having a good weekend. Ten more weekends! (that sounds pretty good to me)


Rebekah said...

That's a lot of books! If you like that cat book let me know, and I'll mail you another one. I read quite a few of them back when I was much younger from the library and had bought one at Borders a while back too.

Donna said...

Once again, I wish we lived down the street from each other and go on book shopping adventures together. You got some really good stuff there. I love "The Cat Who..." mysteries and have had my eye on the Knitting for Peace book for awhile. Also the rug making is one my my latest interests. Oh, hours of fun.

Do you use the LibraryThing to catalog your books? I've become a big fan lately. ( The first 200 books in your collection are free. Then, I think there's a 10 a year fee. I haven't cataloged 200 books yet, so I'm still with the free system. So far, I'm just doing my new stuff.

carolyn said...

Soo jealous, I love books, books and more books!

Deana said...

I would be so lost with those books....I couldn't even read how to knit mustless try it. You know I actually met a man that was knitting stockings for all his grandchildren the other day...and his neighbors kid's....he said it was a wonderful stress release for him. His wife quilts so I imagine they are creative together!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful book score. I know just what you mean. I looooove the smell, and feel of books. I love almost all books and I MUST have them. I guess you could have worse addictions! Have fun reading!

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