Dec 6, 2006

I'm IT!

I have NEVER posted twice in a day, but I want to today! The sun is coming back up in Golden Oasis.

I was tagged by Jeanne! I've loved her blog for a few months now...she comes up with the most beautiful pages..stayed tuned and you'll see the progress of a lovely cottage they are building, too! Her blog is very inspiring for me!

So, it's a simple tag- "6 weird things about me" I have to admit, my first thought was only 6?

  1. I hate crumbs. I have a crumbaphobia...I'm sure there is a word for it.
  2. When working out I like listening to rap such as "Shoulder Lean"
  3. I make tons of lists and although I complete some stuff..tons more get on another list!
  4. I sleep with Curious George. (shhh...don't tell DH) hahahaha...
  5. I extremely dislike coconut. I can even taste is in cheap store-bought cookies.
  6. I put on chapstick/carmex whether I need it or not.

If you've come here- your tagged if you wish!


Jeanne said...

PJ, Thanks for the sweet comments. I loved your "weird list". I am with you on the list thing. There is never an end to them!

Donna said...

Oh, I'm so with you on the crumb thing. I can't stand it. The worst is when Bill or the kids eat in my bed. Makes me totally crazy.

Deana said...

I like your unique list...I have never meant a crumb phobic before! I like coconut flavor but I hate the way it can get stuck in your throat making you hack like a cat with a fur ball!
I will have to visit your friend's blog one day!