Nov 9, 2006


Her post says it all....I can relate to everything a vet myself and as I continue to hold down the fort at heart goes out to all of the active duty and veterans. We must always remember....there are many individuals behind each and every uniform. I'm so proud. Make sure to watch the youTubes she has on her blog....I was a mess after that as you can imagine.

THANK YOU to all that are serving and who have served...Just remember as your children are out of school tomorrow...give them an extra many of our kids are missing their Moms or Dads right now...please do that for me. Just take a moment during the day to remember the bittersweet sacrifices. I believe this is all we ask.



Wildside Musing said...

A big hug to you as well!

Found you from Lisa's 'Simple Living' blog and thought I'd drop by to say hello.

Donna said...

Please give you kids a big hug and kiss from me today. I'm thinking of you.
Your Blog Sister,

Deana said...

I had no idea you were a vet too! I missed that somehow. Big hugs to you and the kids today! I am so thankful to those who serve to protect us....and I don't deserve it.

Sonia said...

Hugs to you dear Paula!

vanessa said...

thinking of you and your family pj!