Nov 2, 2006

"Hey, There's a SHOE!"

The other day I had a nice long post with many links and I go to add one more picture and POOF! That was the first time...After that I was in a blogger funk. When you spend 30 or more minutes carefully composing something and it disappears. Let's try once more.

Rebekah would understand this sketch above. As I'm flying off the freeway, my daughter yells, "There's a shoe" Rebekah had a neat post concerning 'lost' shoes that you see along the roadside and challenged her readers to getting a photo of one. Well, Rebekah, not having a camera in hand (I couldn't have got this shot anyway), you will all have to enjoy my sketch!

I want to share something I did at midnight a couple of days ago. When I get a craft catalog...It goes with me everywhere for many days. First, I scan the items. Then I carefully really consider if I want to buy anything...these catalogs give me freedom to break the cardinal rule, "Thou shall not dog ear pages" So, as I sinfully go through 'dog earing' all the pages I like, I finally either come up with a list or not. This particular catalog I was in love with, but not in love with the prices (this was Wool Connection). I have some other orders I need to make anyways.... BUT gorgeous glossy catalog. No one around me is into this type of stuff, so my option to share isn't there....but I just couldn't THROW away just yet. So, I decide to go through just looking at color nothing else and rip out (that is very liberating as well) what I like. This is a picture of the result. NOW it can be recyled.

Halloween notes:
  • Had about 40 people.
  • Many said 'Thank you' many did not...
  • One goblin at my door was embarrassed, but answered his cell phone.
  • The amount of kids that actually asked for 'more' shocks reaction inside mirrors that out of Dickens. (David Copperfield)
  • One child requested something and stood there and whined when I didn't give that child something.....(while about 8 children behind waiting)
  • Two adults were dressed up with baby carriages, "It's for them"-got ya' ....ya' know candy will be 50% off tomorrow?

...I don't know...times have changed. Did you know Halloween has now emerged as the second largest shopping season after Christmas? Sales were expected to reach $4.96 billion. BILLION, folks......and our schools need help? The priorities in this country are going haywire. I'm sad to admit, I contributed about $30 to that 4 billion!

Tomorrow I want to toss my opinion about something -I usually don't do this in this blog, but it really frustrated me....did you happen to see CBS Katie Couric's nightly news on the military families a couple of days ago? I'm still questioning whether I should share my thoughts.......if none of my readers saw it then there is no use to do so.


Rebekah said...

Loved the shoe drawing! And what a good idea to do wiht the catalog, I think I may follow suit.

I think your experiences just go along with the "it's all for me" way of thinking our society has come to. Everyone is more concerned about themselves then the other person.

Vik said...

I can´t believe Halloween is the second after Christmas?! I believe it because you tell it. We don´t celebrate Halloween here, we don´t have this tradition. I had no idea it was that important to you!

carolyn said...

Crazy huh! Halloween is getting bigger each year in England, when I was a child it was hardly celebrated, just a few traditions mentioned on Blue Peter. Although we do do things as a family on Halloween I'm really not to happy with trick or treaters. The other thing is that I am noticing that more and more families are doing Halloween American style and ignoring our own English tradition of Guy Fawkes / Bon Fire night on November 5th. I think thats kind of sad.
Anyway enough said. Re. the TV program, obviously I haven't seen it but if you have something to say go ahead post about it, get it off your chest I'm sure we will find it interesting.

Deana said...

I was surprised at the number of BIG kids we early teens. And they were the ones not saying thank you....pushing the limit of trick or treating I'd say. But I so love the trick or treaters and the costumes. I had a little 2 year old get in the candy pot and just dig....she said she wanted more! too cute.

I am bad to hold on to the really nice catalogs just because I can't bear to throw them away....I mean I know I am not going to order anything!

Anne said...

I am always pleasantly surprised at how nice the kids' manners are here in Mormon-world. Even a large bunch of (mostly) teenage boys all said "thank you" - a couple even through in "ma'am" for good measure.

Cathy said...

We had nary a kid - but there are better kidful places to TnT in my town.

I don't watch Katie C.

Donna said...

I love your project! I hoard the catalogs myself. I don't get to go to a LYS often, so I look at the pictures.

We had to buy Halloween candy twice. I bought a few things early, but the family ate them. You're right about the manners not being there for some kids.

I didn't see the CBS news since I grounded myself from the TB till after the election. But, I'd like to hear your opinions anyway.

Jeanne said...

I don't watch Katie Couric but now you have me curious.