Sep 25, 2006

Why People Have Dogs

Specifically, Golden retrievers.

Notice the knife. That is what it took to DE-HAIR my vacuums spin thing. I have a bagless vacuum....It's cheaper than having to buy the supply of bags that I would need, but it's not necessarily easier! If I wait three days the plastic thing I empty is choke full just for a living, dining, and hall...Then there are the three different filters to clean. Works well though....Except when you start smelling something and then it dawns on you that it's been awhile since you cleaned the bristle underneath! Oh, but weee just luuuv our 'poochy-woochies'......moochiers I say!

Now THIS might be a good idea!


Carolyn said...

We have dogs so that we can have hair balls the size of tumbleweeds in the house (and lots of love and fun)

Rebekah said...

Ahh I figure if I could take all of the fur Abner leaves behind and make it into another dog, I'd have a couple hundred of them living with me now.

Donna said...

Oh, poor Nuget. I think goldens are the best dogs in the world, but have stuck with standard poodles because of all the hair. We just take Triton down and get her shaved once every couple of months.

Robyn said...

ah, same doggie fur problems here, so i feel your pain, LOL. (but they're soooo worth it, aren't they?!)

thanks for posting comments on my blog. i've got a paint link for ya.

I'm really liking the blog blue too. Not sure if I have the nerve, though.


Paula said...

My Holly hates to be brushed, she cries and runs no matter what type of brush I use. Therefore, we brush her in small doses. When I do get to brush her, I say Holly you have enough loose fur to make another dog. I have a bag less vacuum too; when the HEPA filter is clogged with dust and the cup needs to be cleaned, it is so messy and dusty so I do it outside. This is a problem in the winter as I‘m not about to venture out in -15c weather to empty the vacuum. I found I was spending more time cleaning the vacuum than I wanted. With 3 cats & a dog I vacuum a lot so, I bought Upright Bagged Vacuum last year, it has a HEPA filter, the bags are cloth like material so there is little dust, easy to change. Now I'm dust free and happy.

Deana said...

Oh my! The cat hair on the couches is what gets Martin. I just pick it up and go on but it drives him crazy!'ve got a ton!