Sep 5, 2006


Welcome to my other pad...Please relax with some coffee or tea! I put out the welcome mat in my sidebar...but the size is not right. Please bare with me as I work on the finishing touches!

I will be posting to this one from now on, so please leave a comment to let my know that you found it- Thanks!

You know me...I cannot for the live of me not post without a picture, so I will entertain you with some various SW pics. ...can I dare say putting pics on my blog is faster here?


Donna said...

Hey your new place looks great!!!!!!!!!!! Thank the good Lord for your hubby's most excellent news. You know ya'll are always in our prayers. As of today will all your posts be here?

PJ said...

Yes! I decided to answer in the comments, so all could read :) sorry guys for the word verification frustration thing..just the days we live in..

Sue said...

Found you! Nice new e-home! (And congrats on the orders and impending move!

MARYBETH said...

oh i long to visit SEA WORLD! From reading the comments it sounds lie you are up for a move-where are ya headed to?

Deana said...

So why did you move? Is blogspot easier than Typepad? Do they offer more goodies?

I love the look and feel of the place.

Cathy said...

Oh, PJ! Congratulations! Looks good! I updated my bloglines.