Sep 8, 2006


Do you know that Petsmart commercial with the Dachshund that has Mo-Mo? The owner sneaks the worn one in the trash while the dog is sleeping...

Then they take a trip to the store to get another one and the lady scans the dog with "Mo-Mo" in it's mouth? (I didn't place the yellow 'Mo-Mo' in any of these pictures....this is the nature way with Mo-Mo and Nugget.) Although... I couldn't scan her with it in her mouth! This is her second one! She carries him by his ear, by his arm, shakes him, squeaks the two squeakers inside. She is not a chewer, so it's just knawed on to hear the squeaker..she will even bring her 'Fuzzy ball' and play with both as if to be playing Ball with Mo-Mo! It's hilarious to watch. Then after her own play time she shares the nice wet thing with us! I would hate to think when M0-Mo's aren't made anymore.

Oh, her Fuzzy Ball is in the picture besides the desk...has a squeaker, too. Please notice the abuse we submit our dog to: putting banana stickers her her head... and she walks around without a care in the world that it's up there!
I'm preoccupied...I can't concentrate...I'm excited for a formal Dining Out we have with the Chiefs' mess tonight (it's like Cinderella..I was just scrubbing tubs to actually getting dressed up!! HA! let's just hope we don't turn into a pumpkin at midnight!).....I'm withdrawing from everything around....nothing matters...the stages of emotion are almost complete...I'm at the stage of just staring at him..holding him....feeling like I just could cry......he leaves Wednesday(13th) on his 6 month cruise once more.....I know how it is for the four of us huddling together before we let go of him on the pier. Just cut out my heart out of my chest...jump on it and squash it like a tomatoe and get it over with. It's my 5th one, but seems to get harder each time.
A bird with a very sweet warbler call is outside my window reminding me it's going to be ok........


Deana said...

Ooooh going formal! I envy you.

Love the photos and love the mo-mo!

Donna said...

I love your pictures! Triton kills all her dolls very quickly, so we only buy them every once in awhile.

I'm thinking of you today and all that your dear family is going through. It hurt my heart, but you are all so very strong and brave. We all owe you our greatest thanks for your contribution to our country. You are all in my prayers each day.


Sonia said...

I think I can imagine how you will miss your husband and the kids miss their Dad! 6 month cruise! I wish a good voyage to your husband!

Nugget is always adorable!
I have never ever meet Nugget, but I love her! Love all photos, too!
PS: I don't know what's Mo-mo, so I went to YouTube and found this video! So cute! I would love to buy a Mo-Mo to Flora, too!

Becky said...

Beautiful new blog! I had to comment on this post because it reminds me of my old golden retriever -- best dog ever! They are so sweet.

Hugs to you as you adjust to the current loneliness. >>hugs<<