Aug 9, 2018

Bone Talk

Here is the latest Growth Plate Talk for large breed puppies! (and certain breeds of smaller ones) Also, hormones help close the growth plates-my vet also agrees to DELAY spaying until after the first full heat or two least 12-16 months (if at all). NOT these three-four month neutering that are pushed.
Here is the Golden Retriever specific study
I suppose I understand the adoption type situations, but I have full control over mine. Today I was overzealous a bit...Molly, I will watch my watch better next time! We actually took a trail for an hour! Couple of water breaks...more for me than her, but....we are both needing to get in shape ;) 
*Of course, at 12 Nugget never had hip problems...(early spay, didn't think of limiting, and hip cert only on one side of lineage)..but she did pop her acl running after a squirrel 6 mos before finding out enlarged heart and lung cancer. 12 glorious yrs....not bad, but I'm aiming for the best.

SO, JUST WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS^^^??? hahahahaha

 Almost 5 mos old! 

 She would not touch the water! :O This needs to change, my retriever dog!

Eleven Mile State Park, CO
Sadly, you can see the smoke air from California they say! :'(
So many 'first' for Molly that day...many more to come!!!

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