Aug 25, 2017

A Quote to Ponder and a tiny protest

(first snow on Pikes Peak a few weeks ago)

A ponder from "Sea of Cortez" by John Steinbeck & E. F. Ricketts

" The whole structure of his world would be endangered if he permitted himself to think. The pieces must stick within their pattern or the whole thing collapses and the design is gone. We wonder whether in the present pattern the pieces are not straining to fall out of line; whether the paradoxes or our times are not finally mounting to a conclusion of ridiculousness that will make the whole structure collapse. For the paradoxes are becoming so great that leaders of people must be less and less intelligent to stand their own leadership."
Hmmm.....from a book written 76 years ago

I was going to share this on Facebook (..fakebook I call it), but thought this morsel might be missed by many. Many are posting such ridiculous 'shared' posts incessantly...hour after after day...without a unique thought or intelligent opinion. And this following of  'right/left' satire sites, like it's gospel, is frightening to me!
Not all 'friends' do this, but I'm tiring of some many...I want to see your projects, your funny jokes, your children (fur or otherwise), what makes the essence of 'you'! Yes, a small amount of educated opinion is fine, but I'm yearning for more of my blog for escape. It satisfies that urge to share and maintain that positiveness for humankind....and my sanity!
 Oh, I have my 46-50 friends on facebook I would dearly miss if I gave up the account, but you don't realize how many times I want to deactivate it. MAJORITY of it is just crap that I don't want to read.

ANYWAY...yes, more Steinbeck...
What book is enlightening you right now?
More books....less facebook!!!!

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