Jun 27, 2014

Things that Bloom

Earlier in the month my little cacti made a showing :)  I bought these from Lowes spring before last for my apartment..... guess they feel like they are 'home'....

 The rose is beautiful out front...wish I knew the history of it. Unfortunately, they do not smell.
 I should know the name of this yellow flowered bush!   If you know, please let me know- As well as the one below that has little clusters of very small white flowers!

 The fun of experiencing the first season....seeing the new blooms...loving this lavender star flower. Is it Amsonia?  and ______?

 Sunflower? Cone flower?
 I planted the little seedlings....unfortunately the incline bunched them up. Giant and regular marigolds.  I don't know what the plant in the foreground is, but didn't look like a weed, so I haven't pulled it.
 I confess...I don't know my trees...what is this?   Has dark reddish leaves (except for the new growth)  (There are two maple-like branches coming into the photo)

Here is a close up of the branch in question...notice the little green 'berries'? When blooming, late spring, it had wonderful white flowers with an awesome intense smell!


  1. Pretty sure the bush with yellow flower is potentilla aka cinqfoil. It is common here in Colorado because it is hard to kill. (I managed to do so anyway with one I planted.)

  2. Sorry, I can't ID any of the other plants except to say that the rose may be a wild rose that's indigenous but then you would have seen it all over the place. It might be a single that was bred by a plant breeder because singles were popular awhile back.


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