Jan 21, 2013

A Wonderful January Day

 A Welcomed Visitor?
 Nugget didn't think so (I had to hold her in or she would have had a cow out there!), but I thought it was kinda COOL they 'dropped in'!   :)
Working on my 'Dust Storm Shawl' ....this is the essence of the weekend! Nugget was happy to snag a part of my son's blanket. Nugget isn't allowed on furniture...I'm so glad I did that from the start..the hair on the carpet is bad enough! Lately, I've been putting on relaxation CD's when I stitch or read...SO very nice!

Did some housekeeping with my photos on my computer..I'm resistant to change..I don't like the Windows 7 way it grabs my photos from my ancient camera. That is another thing I would like to get, but again.... resistance rears it's head. I bought the camera when Nugget was a wee puppy *cough* EIGHT years ago!
One day...kind of delaying because when I do it's gonna be a major camera for travels and birding. I can just feel that coming!!!
In the meantime, did some housekeeping in my Goodreads account as well. (I'm not sure you can see without an acct., but you can try)  I have 13 books I would like to read in 2013. I know, I know...that isn't very many compared to some of my readers out there, but it's a realistic goal for me!  ...and some of the books are THICK!

Making head-way on my Healing Shawl above. Although, I have designed the coloring by an inspired trip through Arizona at sun set during a dust storm, I used the pattern out of this  book. I do believe the pattern is the one on the cover! Mind you, this inspired trip was back in either '05 or '06....I do let things mull in head for awhile, don't I?
 This Prayer Shawl is for me...is that so wrong?  When I get frustrated or wave of heavy thoughts creep in... I pick it up and ponder..or pray if you will. It works. Things always look brighter after working on it! Type of therapy...Amazing how things work out and are clear... crystal clear!
Beginning....calm...dust storm...soft...stormy....warmth...sun trying to peek through.....comfort....End


Stephanie said...

Looks like your shawl could represent our crazy dry winter too...that tan/brown/rust color of our Colorado landscape!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Just great the balloon at your yard.
Nugget looks adorable and very happy.
The Healing Shawl looks beautiful!

zippiknits said...

Gorgeous skywatcher shots! And, of course a prayer shawl can be for oneself. :-) We tend not to treat ourselves with our knitting, and we need to do that!

Also, I use picasa3 for a photo handler and just try to by-pass windows 7's grabby little utility.

Nugget is so cute, you can forgive her the shedding. Wolfie sheds a super soft undercoat from time to tie. It's the Siberian Huskie in him. lol