Dec 14, 2012

No Words

Okay, well a few......what if we all lived like Golden Retrievers??? 

God Bless those innocent little children in Elementary hands of an adult of 24 yrs. What really is this world coming to? 

I want to hug every one of my students when they get on my bus this afternoon........if I could.  Isn't that sad in itself... but you know there will be some knuckle touching I'm tellin' you!!!!!
I do nothing but take care of kids....each one (even the challenging ones) are precious and parents rely on me to transport them safely.... this is devastating to any one that has taken care of OTHER peoples kiddos for any length of time.....

...this week State of CO has required me to take a kids transition class for the divorce. It was nice what my son said: 'you could have taught that class!' 

Then I caught a rock from a passing bus to my rear car window in the employee parking...did you know the back window of my car is over $600?

It's been a week, but my problems are absolutely NOTHING compared to those poor parents in Connecticut!  My heart goes out to them!!!!
~RIP little ones~

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zippiknits said...

Hugs Paula

This brings back some very bad memories for me, as you know. Such Terrible times and for such a long darn time.