Nov 4, 2012

Many Trips Along this Path

 Before it's too late, I must share my trip 'down south'. This day, like none other, displayed the autumnal equinox to it's fullest! Driving south on Interstate 25 just south of Pueblo. There was hardly any traffic on a Monday morning of my Fall Break that our school district was on.
 My most favorite Rest Area that is in Colorado City. It is the  nicest and cleanest one ever. Every time- an attendant is there taking care of something. While I'm always  eases stopping while traveling alone.
 The trip usually takes me from start to finish ..getting out to greet my father on the porch...143 miles later...approx. 2 hrs. This time it took longer...I stopped many times taking photos that I always wanted to take on the many journeys back and forth. There is an exit before you get to the Walsenburg exit...that seemingly leads to nowhere!  Nowhere is good! One day, I will follow it to see where it leads me! There is a set of mailboxes on the left that I highlighted in a couple of photos...I WANT to try my hand at  drawing & painting them! One can dream and certainly try! I chuckled out loud at how 'straight' the double line was....

 In Walsenburg the trees were absolutely so brilliant! This was from Hwy 160. Behind me was another wonder that I always wanted to photography....what appears to be an old electric plant...all rusted out! Again, I keep the viewer wanting more....I want to draw it!
E'en in these bleak November days
There's gladness in the heart that heeds
- Charles Dawson Shanley


sonia a. mascaro said...

What a great trip!
Thanks for sharing so beautiful photos! :)

Cathy said...

I love that trip south! Thanks for the photos - it's so wonderful to see that area again.

zippiknits said...

That is one wavy line there. lol

You can delete that comment above mine.

Thank you for sharing a part of Colorado that I've only seen one time in all our travels. Maybe that will change when/if a dd goes eastward. :o) I'll come see you, too. You will be a sight for sore eyes, so you will.