Oct 6, 2012

{Friday Fill In} late

1. I said 'No, I can't talk' 
2. Subway sandwich with Flatbread is what I'm craving right now. 
3. I was thinking about the new leaf that has to be turned
4. Stop it, will you? 
5. We should have a simpler existence
6. It's my choice whether I want to or not!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Chili's dinner with some woman at work, tomorrow my plans include getting a new laptop (my poor Netbook has had it even after a total restore!) and Sunday, I want to REST (of course)!


I purchased a very affordable laptop...waaaaay faster, bigger, and even has a graphic card (I'd like to put my Railroad game on it!) This is probably cheaper than most of your Smartphones! Think I found a very nice deal on something that is more than enough for me!

I'm really into 'Yukon Men' &  'Alaska Last Frontier' lately on the Discovery channel. 
As many of you know...I love birds!  So, this video above just has me going!!!

Just loving the facebook video with my daughter right now!
I have no photos saved on this computer yet, so I had to leave you with a picture I found-the 'Sign Post Forest' in Watson Lake, Yukon.  SOMEWHERE in there my parents put a sign when I traveled with them back in...I believe 1988! One day I hope to travel back up there and FIND IT!! I think that would be neat!

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  1. What a great site that is, so of course, I'm stealing it. hehehe

    Hope you find your sign from the 80's. That sounds like a fun place.

    Subway makes flatbread stuff now? Need to try that!


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