May 25, 2012

There is an Underground River

I've always taken pride in being positive in my's a place I go that I feel that cozy feeling.  Let's just say, today I should be incredibly energized...FIRST DAY OF SUMMER son is now officially a JUNIOR.  {again, should be thrilled, but want to just cry....didn't he just have a piece of cake at his Kindergarten celebration that had Class of 2014 on it?}

'Once that great underground river finds its estuaries and branches in our psyches, our creative lives fill and empty, rise and fall in seasons just like a wild river. These cycles cause things to be made, fed, fall back, and dies away, all in their own right time, and over and over again.' - out of Woman ho Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.  explaining the Wild Woman Archetype!

 There are myths and stories in that book, but for one thing...amazing how other cultures answer to some things woman go through in different stages of our lives.... yet leaves me thinking....'our culture' doesn't really foster a woman's stages..  I think many of the woman I know as blog friends are on this creative level and try to live their lives with wonderful things surrounding them, but why...why am I left with the feeling our 'organization of world/government/even churches...' are missing the boat? Just heavy thoughts today.

BUT.....I think I see the pot of gold! Would it be odd to say...THIS is what I want to do!!!!
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