May 17, 2012

Nothing to Say

Found another bowl that fits nicely with another baby that ZippiKnits had given me before I left San Diego (nice contrast to the succulents' color I thought)...then my Mother's Day gift from my DD (Dear Daughter) ...if you look real close Mr. Fisherman has a fish out of the real section of the 'lake'...
I have nothing in particular to say tonight....and oh, how good that feels. Days are coming together..however small the task, it's huge in reference to 'going through my stuff'. Simplifying is such a simple word for's more than that.
.... peace, get just right, comfort, sounds, absorption, wisdom, feelings, consistency, outlines, shadows of feelings, light....I don't have 'nothing' to say- I have EVERYTHING to say!

1 comment:

sonia a. mascaro said...

Yes, I enlarged the photo and see the little fisherman. Pretty gift from you daughter.

So nice to have a lovely dog waiting for us at the door... Nugett looks adorable as always.
Have a good Sunday!