Apr 8, 2012


The blue egg says it all.  Others have an egg, too. One that is doing circles probably somewhere in the Gulf of Oman. DS has a couple and, of course, the Golden!

Last post had me thinking....a reset button needed to be pushed. Yesterday DS and I went to Copper Mountain for last snowboarding for my son. I relaxed in the lounge, people watched....many families, pondered my surrounding...and I completely enjoyed doing practically nothing! The drive into the mountains let me know...I was back! My soul is with views. When the blue sky is almost purple...you know you are there. I didn't have my camera, but it really doesn't matter.  It almost felt in my soul, if I had 'captured' it, it would have lessened the experience. It put everything in perspective for me. 'Things' don't matter. The way people decided to handle their feelings-I have no control over...so, really, they don't matter. The only thing that matters, or that I can control, are my reactions.

I came home after the long drive, laid on my bed, and softly & joyfully cried. The clear images of Ten Mile Range against the phthalo blue sky was stronger in my mind than any photo that I could have taken!!


sonia a. mascaro said...

Dear Paula,
I hope you had a Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

You have so much love surrounding you, a reflection of your own huge capacity to love, and may you Walk with Beauty All Around You, forever.