Apr 19, 2012

Almost Done?

For the record...moved in at about 8400 lbs.- plan to move out, if I do in 2014, with only about 4000lbs.  My back is back is aching again.
TOO MUCH -count them about 20 bags of PAPER total (also keeping all the reasonably flat pieces!), breaking down every single box (only getting rid 10 out of about 60 of them!), total repack of 15 boxes...& totally going through stuff (about 30 target bags of give-a-way in the garage) Either Helping Hands or 2 Men & a Truck...will have a field day-taking more than half to a storage and the other to wherever I end up
                                 *When I re-pack and that WILL BE the only thing I do!*
 ...if someone has a problem with this...well, there really is NO CHOICE
 I can certainly feel it differently then I did at 25...plus single handed touched everything. Now, I digress, my DS has helped tremendously (he did half the bags!). It really is something when my son sees me doing all this and says, 'Ok, I think you've done enough, you need to sit down' ..and actually sits down and talks to me.  He really is great!

Thankfully, it's looks a lot better from the photo above....but that hasn't been without working on it!

Ah, it's raining right now....just the sounds of that here in Colorado Springs is wonderful...they (we) need the moisture SO badly!!!  Almost just want to run out into it.... well, why don't I??  I'm learning to live out loud !


Cathy said...

It will feel so good when you are finished - so light, so FREE!!

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a lovely son you have!
Yes, he is great!

sonia a. mascaro said...

I enlarged the photo... Wow! How many boxes!