Feb 20, 2012

A splash of color for your Winter....thanks to my very beautiful thoughtful daughter! She must have ordered them, online, from the ship from which she serves...which is currently somewhere 'over there' on a deployment.
~The sun filled tulips..I'm working on a poem, but to shy to share.


zippiknits said...

When I posted the dahlia, I was thinking, "I wish I had some Tulips but my stalwart little wild ones just didn't show up this year.

Hooray for your sweet DD. And thank you for sharing your tulips! Wonderful. I know you left some behind and were going to miss them.

Have a happy week and I'll see you soon with socks in tow.

Jeanne said...

Oh my dear, these tulips are so beautiful! What a sweet daughter you have. Have a great weekend.